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    1. CLY5030ZXX Garbage Truck (1T)On side of the cabinet, two holes are designed for garbage loading or unloading. After garbage loading, the rubbish truck automatically closes the hole covers. It is a cabinet removable garbage truck.
    1. CLY5070ZXX Garbage Truck (3-5T)Our garbage truck has two holes on one side of its cabinet. After the rubbish loading is finished, the holes will be automatically closed by the covers equipped. In addition, cabinet of this sanitary vehicle is removable.
    1. CLY5250ZXX Garbage Truck (16-20T)Onto the chassis, a domestic well-known brand hook arm is added. This bin wagon has a removable cabinet with the lifting capacity of 20 ton. Optional lifting capacity ranges from 16 ton to 20 ton.
    1. CLY5310ZXX Garbage Truck (20-25T)Its standard configuration such as HOWO 336-horsepower engine accords with Euro III emission standard. This rubbish truck is available with lifting capacity of 25ton. Also, you can choose a sanitary vehicle with the capacity of 24 ton.

Garbage Truck with Detachable Container

The garbage truck with detachable container is a transport vehicle used to load, unload, or transport rubbish. It uses a detachable container for instantly loading or unloading the waste. Different trays can be installed to this trash truck for loading, storing, or transporting a variety of wastes. The truck automatically unloads rubbish.

This sanitary vehicle adopts the electronically controlled hydraulic system, allowing for the reliable, easy, and labor-saving operation. It finishes the loading or unloading of a rated amount of rubbishes within 50s. Users can use the manual box in the cab to manipulate the contraction of hydrocylinder, so as to implement the cabinet dismantling, rubbish dumping, as well as the connection between hook arm and cabinet. Our garbage truck with detachable container is of disconnect-type structure. One truck can be configured with several cabinets.

1. Our garbage truck with detachable container requires no civil engineering, lowering the cost for garbage collection and transportation. Its cabinet with hook arm can be manually placed to the desired position. The operation is flexible and convenient.
2. It has a good-looking appearance. Contrary to the buried dustbin, it won't affect the safe travel of other vehicles and pedestrians.
3. Back and side doors of the hook arm garbage cabinet are sealed with corrosion resistant adhesive tape, thereby effectively avoiding the secondary pollution during the refuse collection and conveying process.
4. The whole sanitary vehicle is welded from national standard weatherproof steel, so it is safe and reliable. Besides that, it has been surface treated to prevent rust and prolong its service life. The treatments include surface spraying, drying, etc.