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Vacuum Truck

CLY5070GXW vacuum truck is a new type sanitary vehicle developed to satisfy the requirements of the market and clients. It is perfectly suited to the applications including urban drainage systems, sludge removal and loading, as well as other suction operations. This waste collection vehicle is a tank truck with a heavy duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge, or slurry.

The vacuum truck uses a engine to drive its vacuum pump for taking out air from the tank. Once vacuum tank forms negative pressure inside, it will automatically suck liquid manure, waste water, slurry, or other liquids through pipelines. Our quality vacuum pump reaches national advanced level. Through over 30 years' research and development, we now manufacture vacuum pump with compact structure and excellent performance.

Anyway, our vacuum truck is highly efficient and suitable for a variety of applications. Configured with special chassis, it has a strong bearing capacity. Additionally, it is characterized by low noise generation, strong maneuverability, fuel efficiency, etc. CLY5070GXW is the ideal waste collection vehicle for sanitation department, industrial and mining enterprises, harbors, etc.

Overall Dimensions Total Length (mm) 7800 Mass Parameter Max. Rated Total Mass (kg) 14490
Total Width (mm) 2400
Total Height (mm) 3210 Rated Load Mass (kg) 7015
Wheel Base (mm) 4500
Tread F/R (mm) 1880/1800, 1880/1860 Kerb Mass (kg) 7280
F/R overhang(mm) 1430/1870
Chassis Parameter Chassis Manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Angle of Approach/Departure (°) 20/18
Chassis Type DFL1140B2 Displacement (ml) 4500
Engine Model ISDe180 30 Min. Turning Diameter (m) 19
Max. Speed (km/h) 90 Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 260
Tank Body Parameter Max. Vacuum Degree (kpa) 93-96 Vertical Suction Distance (m) ≥5
Vertical Suction Distance (m) ≥5m Horizontal Suction Distance (m) 20
Chassis Configuration Item Standard Configuration Optional
Engine Commins ISDe180 30 L4, inline four cylinder, water-cooled, electronic control supercharged diesel engine; Rated power: 132Kw(180ps); Max. torque: 650/1200-1700 (N·m /rpm) ISDe185 30: 136KW(185ps); ISDe210 30: 155KW(210ps); etc.
Clutch 1601Z56-130 dry single type diaphragm 1601Z56-090
Gear Box Dongfeng Motor made, mechanical gear box with 6 gears, DE6S750
Rear Axle 2400010-K0902 press axle housing
Front Axle 3000010-KC100 I-beam and elliot axle structure
Suspension System Leaf spring; front 7 discs, lifting hook structure; 9 rear main springs,6 auxiliary springs Front 8 discs, 10 rear main springs,8 auxiliary springs
Steering System Recirculating ball
Braking System Service brake: dual circuit air brake
Parking brake: hand brake, energy storage spring brake
Emergency brake: energy storage spring brake
Tyre Tyre Specification: 9.00-20; Amount: 6+1 (spare tyre) 10.00-20, 10.00R20
Air-conditioning With A/C in cab
Cab Dongfeng Motor made, D530 flat head with semi-sleeper and tiltable cab
Spare Rack for Tyre One
Fuel Tank Standard tank
Tank Configuration Item Standard Configuration Optional Configuration Remark
Capacity of Tanker (m3) 8 10 The tank with volume of 10m3is suitable for the places where license plate is not essential.
Size of Tanker (mm×mm) φ1500×4200 line section φ1600×4730 line section
Discharging Angle (°) 45 45
Filling Up Time (min) ≤5 ≤5
Tanker Lifting Time (s) ≤20 ≤20
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