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Garbage Truck with Compactor

CLY5120ZYS garbage truck with compactor is refitted by adding the container, push plate, precompressor, and the compressor onto the DFL1120B2 chassis. Its drive mode is 4×2. The cab allows for two passengers. This refuse truck is composed of the sealed garbage cabinet, hydraulic system, and the operation system. It completes the garbage compression and dumping automatically. During the compression process, all the waste water will get into the waste water tank without any leakage, thus putting an end to the possible secondary pollution.

All the critical parts are imported ones. As a result, the compression garbage truck comes with high safety, high pressure, good leakproofness, convenient operation, etc. Rear hanging barrel turnover mechanism or garbage bucket turnover mechanism is optional.

1. The garbage truck with compactor gives you a easy rubbish collection method. It prevents the secondary pollution.
2. It features high compression ratio and large loading capacity. The maximum breakdown pressure reaches 12ton. Compression mechanism makes the truck to load more waste.
3. Controlled by the imported computer control system, our garbage collection truck operates automatically. Only one operator is needed to finish all the filling and discharging operations. Such a special trash truck reduces the labor intensity and improves working environment.
4. Its operation system can be computer controlled or manually operated, greatly improving the utilization rate.
5. The garbage truck with compactor is made of high-strength corrosion resistant steel B480GNQR and one-time rolling formed side plate. The rear waste water tank is manufactured from stainless steel.
6. Specially designed PLC integrated electric control board avoids misoperation and enhance the operational security. Such program is rationally designed.
7. High-performance hydraulic valves are combined with high-strength hydrocylinder which has good buffering performance, so that stability of hydraulic system is guaranteed.

Overall Dimensions Total Length (mm) 7810, 7930
Total Width (mm) 2480
Total Height (mm) 3220
Wheel Base (mm) 4200
Mass Max. Total Mass (Kg) 12490
Rated Load Mass (Kg) 4115, 3805
Kerb Mass (Kg) 8180, 8490
Chassis Chassis Manufacturer Dongfeng Motor
Chassis Model DFL1120B2
Max. Speed (km/h) 90
Configurations Hydraulic Pressure (Mpa) 20.6
Compression Ratio 1:4
Sewage Tank Volume (L) 400
Tank Volume (m3) 9
Time for Feeding (s) ≤16
Time for Discharging (s) ≤45
Garbage Collection Method Standard mechanism, hanging barrel turnover mechanism, garbage bucket turnover mechanism, etc.
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