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    1. CLY5021ZLJ Garbage Truck (2.6m3)CLY5021ZLJ garbage truck is a sanitary vehicle equipped with the Chinese Changan chassis. This refuse collection vehicle is available with a 53-horsepower engine. Its cabinet has the volume of 2.6m3.
    1. CLY5040ZLJ Garbage Truck (5.8m3)CLY5040ZLJ garbage truck is a special waste collection vehicle available with Donfeng brand chassis and 79-horsepower engine. Such sanitary vehicle has a cabinet with the volume of 5.8m3.
    1. CLY5126ZLJ Garbage Truck (13.5m3)It can be combined with a vertical trash compactor to form a medium or large waste transfer station. This tip lorry is powered by a 160-hp engine. It is a sealed garbage collection truck, cabinet volume of which is 13.5m3.
    1. CLY5141ZLJ Garbage Truck (11.5m3)CLY5141ZLJ garbage truck is a dustbin lorry refitted from Dongfeng EQ3142GD4JAC chassis. A specially manufactured cabinet with volume of 11.5 m3 has been added onto the chassis. Engine power of this dump truck is 140 horse power.

Garbage Truck with Dump Body

In accordance with the demands of markets and clients, we newly designed the garbage truck with dump body through the improvements on our sanitary vehicles. The dump truck is chiefly used to collect the household garbage in residential areas including cities, towns, villages, and so on. It is designed with a hydraulic mechanism for waste unloading. The waste unloading system is hydraulically controlled, allowing for highly efficient operation.

This refuse collection device has a sealed body, which is extremely convenient for the rubbish collection along the street. The enclosed structure won't result in the secondary pollution. It is safe, reliable while automatically dumping waste. It can significantly lower the labor intensity. The truck conforms to the national related rules and standards. Additionally, such garbage truck with dump body is available with numerous features, e.g. low noise generation, strong maneuverability, fuel efficiency, to name a few. It is the ideal waste collection tool for multiple areas, for instance, sanitation department, industrial and mining enterprises, harbors, and so forth.