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    1. CLY9405GFL Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (55m3)For the powdery chemicals tanker semi-trailer, we have designed a special high-temperature resistant fluidized structure. A national patent has been obtained for the high-temperature resistant design.
    1. ZJV9400GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (43m3)In general, ZJV9400GFLLY powder tanker semi-trailer is available with standard volume of 43m3. Tanker trailers with volume from 40m3 to 48m3 are also optional. The wheel base is 5765mm+1310mm+1310mm.
    1. ZJV9402GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (62m3)Standard volume of ZJV9402GFLLY powder tanker semi-trailer is 62 cubic meters. Such powder truck is configured with domestic well-known brand air compressor and Weichai engine, allowing for stable and highly efficient powder discharging.
    1. ZJV9403GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (53m3)This tank truck model is configured with Suzhou air compressor and Weichai engine. If necessary, we can manufacture the tank with high-strength steel to minimize the overall weight of powder semi-trailer.
    1. ZJV9404GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (35m3)Equipped with 425R22.5 single tire structure, it is a tanker truck best suited to the places with better road conditions. The semitrailer is light in weight. It is installed with the domestic well-known brand Suzhou air compressor, Weichai engine, and the high-strength steel tank.
    1. ZJV9405GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (38m3)This truck trailer applies the domestic well-known Suzhou air compressor and Weichai engine. According to clients' requirements, we can adopt high-strength steel to make lightweight powder tankers, realizing the maximization of economic efficiency.
    1. ZJV9406GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (45m3)We have installed the domestic renowned Suzhou air compressor and Weichai engine to this tanker trailer. As required, high strength steel tank which can greatly reduce the overall truck weight is optional.
    1. ZJV9409GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (58m3)In accordance with clients' requirements, high strength steel made tanks are optional. Those powder tankers will be greatly reduced in overall weight, permitting the maximum economic benefits.
    1. ZJV9408GFLLY Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer (55m3)It is composed of Chinese well-known Suzhou air compressor and Weichai engine. Tank of such semitrailer can be made of high strength steel to satisfy the client's needs. By then, the tanker trailer is minimized in weight, which makes the user to obtain the maximum economic benefits.

Powder Tanker Semi-Trailer

CIMC LINYU powder tanker semi-trailer is specially suited to the transportation and storage of cement, coal ash, dry-mixed mortar, powdery food, chemical powders, and many other powdery materials. It efficiently realizes the mechanization of loading, transporting, dumping, and storage. This powder tanker semitrailer greatly improves the transporting efficiency with minimum cost and less pollution generation.

Possessing the state-of-the-art, professional powder tank assembly line, CIMC LINYU is capable of accommodating clients with unique and attractive tanker trucks. All structural parts have been pre-treated with shot blast technology. It uses special tank clamp equipment and Panasonic automatic welder to weld the tanks. All the coating and painting are implemented in full compliance with the coating standards specified for luxury cars. Generally, the topcoats can last for 2-3 times longer than those made by other manufacturers.

1. Fast Discharge, Low Residual

The powder tanker semi-trailer is designed with innovative structure. It discharges materials speedily. On Average, the discharging speed is 1.3t/min, and the residual rate is no more than 0.3%.

2. Lightest Weight
Tank of this bulk powder truck is made of the quality low-alloy high-strength steel. The full range of optimized design makes it achieve the lightest weight among all the counterparts.

3. Large Capacity
Our company have independently designed a tank used to the powder semi-trailer, for which design we have applied the national patent. Utilization rate of the tank is up to 97%-98%.

4. Unique Structure
The powder tanker semi-trailer applies the new diversion structure for completely eliminating the dehisce-welding of gas chamber. No dust will get into the chamber.

5. Passenger Car Painting
In the painting workshop of 15,000 square meters, there are 16 passenger car painting processes. During all the processes, high-grade polyurethane finish is used to coat tanks. Consequently, tanks are featured by long-lasting beautiful appearance.

6. Safe and Practical
Dimensions of the powder tanks are designed to be suit for minimum weighbridge. The lowest height of the center of gravity improves the driving flexibility and security.

7. High Quality & Reasonable Price
Our highly qualified powder tanker semi-trailer is made with a number of patented technologies as well as the most professional, most advanced powder tanker assembly lines. A variety of optional programs are available. All of them come with higher cost-efficiency.