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    1. CLY5200GFL Powder Tanker Truck (35m3)In general, such a standard power truck has standard tank with volume of 35m3. 32m3 tank is optional as well. Upon your requirement, the powder tank truck can be made of high-strength steel for reducing the overall weight.
    1. CLY5257GFL Powder Tanker Truck (35m3)

      Such a standard powder transport vehicle has a 35m3 tank. 32m3 tank is also for your choice. To satisfy the client's requirement, we also supply the powder transportation truck made of high strength plate. This sort of tanker truck is lower in overall weight.

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    1. CLY5310GFL Powder Tanker Truck (40m3)As required by per client, this power materials transport vehicle can be allocated with a engine with Euro II emission standard. Besides that, the tank can be made of high-strength plate upon request, so that the powder truck will be reduced in dead load.
    1. CLY5315GFL Powder Tanker Truck (40m3)As requested, we can install the tank made of high strength plate to the powder truck. This type of specially made powder tank vehicle is reduced in total weight, thereby helping you realize the maximum economic benefit.
    1. CLY5316GFL Powder Tanker Truck (40m3)According to the actual application, we can install a 37m3 tank to the powder transportation truck. To maximize the economic benefits, we also can manufacture the tank with high strength plate thus to decrease the weight of powder tanker truck.
    1. CLY5317GFL1 Powder Tanker Truck (40m3)We also can satisfy the requirements of clients who want trucks with reduced weight. The powdery materials transportation truck, if equipped with a tank made of high strength plate, can let you obtain the greatest economic efficiency.

Powder Tanker Truck

CIMC LINYU powder tanker truck is applicable to transport cement, coal ash, dry-mixed mortar, food, chemical powders, etc. It can effectively improve the transport efficiency, reduce transport cost, decrease pollution, and mean while, realize the mechanization of loading, transporting, discharging, and storage.

With the most advanced and most professional Powder Tank assembly line, CIMC LINYU can make powder tanks with unique and attractive appearance. We treat all the structural parts with shot blast pre-treated technology. Special tank clamp equipment and Panasonic automatic welder are adopted to weld tank parts. Both coating and painting are implemented in conformity with the high quality bus baking varnish standard. That's why the topcoats life of powder tanker truck is generally 2-3 times longer than those supplied by other manufacturers.

1. Best Raw Materials

This powder tanker truck is manufactured from high strength steel including Q235, Q345, Q550, AG610L and AG700MC, all of which are supplied from the domestic well-known steel factory. Those steel materials has the tensile strength of no less than 620 Mpa. They possess many characteristics, for instance, good mechanical properties, reliable welding performance, light weight, etc.

2. Lightest Weight
This powder material transportation truck has a tank made of high-quality low-alloy high-strength steel. Coupled with the all-round optimized design, it has been mitigated by 600-800kg as compared to other counterparts. It is beyond the current market similar products to achieve the lightest weight in the industry.

3. Fastest Unloading
Due to the bold escalation of the structural components such as convection angle and angle of repose, its unloading speed is truly made to be the fastest in the field. We redesigned the powder transport vehicle through choosing the equilibrium point according to the market demand re-established among the tank volume, quality and discharge rate. The discharge rate is thereby substantially increased.

4. Humanized Design
The powder tanker truck is humanized designed. Intake manifold of bulk cement vehicle past the head of a detour to the left. This design makes the intake pipe no longer interfere the drive chassis shaft. The piping system of dry mortar truck is transferred to the side of the air compressor, so that the piping path problem is completely solved.

5. Dual Power Solutions
Dual power solutions are optional according to the requirements of different users, namely using a motor to drive air compressor. The solutions contribute to the fuel consumption reduction, cost minimization, and operational efficiency improvement. A patent has been obtained for this design, and the patent No. is ZL200820069839.0.

6. Patented Tank Cap
Designed with the domestic unique proprietary technology, the swing type cap has good tightness, and is easy, safe to operate.

7. Reinforced Sub-frame
The powder tanker truck applies the reinforced sub-frame. Chassis stringer of unique closed structure, closely fits with the tank, allowing for higher strength and better carrying capacity. Side support is welded to the junction between tank and sub-frame, so that the strength of the connection can be enhanced to avoid the sub-frame cracking and make for safe operation.