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Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (47m3)

CLY9401GRY liquid tanker semi trailer is a liquid semi-trailer with standard tank volume of 46m3 and wheelbase of 7200mm+1350mm+1350mm. It is manufactured from aluminum alloy. Its other configurations are composed of 3 BPW12T axles, JOST 90mm or 50mm towing pin, and BPW pneumatic suspension. Steel suspension is also optional.

Moveable guard fences on the tank top are more compact in structure than traditional fences. They allow for overall beautiful appearance while ensuring safety. When using, they turn up to protect the safety of operators. If unnecessary, they will be laid down to save more space. Those fences are interlocked with the parking brake of tank trailer. This liquid tanker semi trailer is suitable for the use in the areas with good road conditions.

Overall Dimensions Total length (mm) 12810 Mass Parameters Max. total mass (Kg) 40000
Total width (mm) 2500
Total height (mm) 3900 Rated load mass (Kg) 33000
Wheel base (mm) 7200+1350+1350
Kerb mass(Kg) 7000
Tread (mm) 2040
Ground clearance of towing pin bottom plate (mm) 1350
Through-put Capacity Front turning radius (mm) 1600 Rear overhang 1330
Clearance radius 2400 Angle of departure 24
Min. turning diameter(m) 24 Min. ground clearance (mm) 360
Inner diameter of feed pipe (mm) 65
Main Configuration Parameters Item Standard configuration Optional
Axles BPW12T, 3 sets
Towing pin JOST 90mm
Support leg FUWA brand, linkage legs JOST
Suspension BPW brand triple air suspension Baohua brand Triple steel suspension
Rim Aluminum alloy 22.5×13.00 Zhengxing(Fujian) brand Wheel rim
Tyre 425/65R22.5, 6 sets 12.00R20
Brake system Dual circuit air brake, service brake, Parking brake, emergency brake
Electric system 24V, minus earth(connect with tractor)
ABS Homemade brand WABCO
Fire extinguisher Two sets
Tank Parameters Item Standard configuration Optional
Capacity 46.5
Dimension 12640×Φ2210
Tank material Aluminum alloy Stainless steel
Discharge ball valve Aluminum alloy DN80 Stainless steel DN80, DN100
Bottom valve Aluminum alloy, DN100 Stainless steel DN100
Manhole Amount: 2 sets, Material: aluminum alloy, Diameter: φ500 Stainless steel
Discharge rubber hose Amount: 2 sets, length: 4 meters; ball valve accord with drift diameter
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