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    1. CLY9340GRY Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (36m3)FUWA double axle and JOST 90mm or 50mm towing pin are installed to this semi tank trailer. Bottom valve, bottom loading system, and others can be added by request. The liquid tanker semi trailer is suitable for all kinds of chemical liquids, for instance, oil products, ethyl alcohol, etc.
    1. CLY9400GHY Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (46m3)This tank trailer is manufactured from carbon steel Q235. Other configurations consist of 3 FUWA13T axles, Double Coin vacuum tyre, and JOST 90mm or 50mm towing pin. We can add other desired configurations as required by per client.
    1. CLY9400GYY Oil Tanker Semi Trailer (50m3)CLY9400GYY oil tanker semi trailer, wheelbase of which is 7200mm + 1310mm + 1310mm, is designed with standard tank volume of 50m3. It is a rustless semi trailer made of carbon steel Q235. Liquid tanker semi trailer made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy are also available for your choice.
    1. CLY9401GRY Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (47m3)

      Moveable guard fences on the tank top are more compact in structure than traditional fences. They allow for overall beautiful appearance while ensuring safety. When using, they turn up to protect the safety of operators. If unnecessary, they will be laid down to save more space.

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    1. CLY9402GYY Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer (40m3)Stainless steel or aluminum alloy semi trailers can be made for your choice as well. The liquid tanker semi trailer applies 3 FUWA13T axles, JOST90mm or 50mm towing pin. As required, we can mount bottom valve, bottom loading system ...
    1. CLY9404GRYB Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (45m3)CLY9404GRYB liquid tanker semi trailer has the standard tank volume of 45m3 and wheelbase of 5300mm+1310mm+1310mm. It is a truck trailer produced from carbon steel A235. Other raw materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy can be applied as requested.
    1. CLY9406GRYA Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer (53m3)A standard truck trailer is made of carbon steel Q235. Stainless steel or aluminum alloy semi trailers are selectable as well. The compositions are 3 FUWA13T axles and JOST90mm or 50mm towering pin.
    1. CLY9400GHYL Bitumen Tanker Semi Trailer (40m3)Equipped with the imported combustion engine, this liquid tanker semi trailer performs exceptionally well. No pollution will be produced. FUWA13T triple axle and JOST 90mm or 50mm are mounted to the tank trailer.
    1. CLY9402GSY Edible Oil Tanker Semi Trailer (46m3)Complete insulation device efficiently keeps down the differential between edible oil filling temperature and discharging temperature. Low temperature differential provides a guarantee for oil freshness. This tank trailer ensures green oil for humans.

Liquid Tanker Semi Trailer

CIMC LINYU liquid tanker semi trailer is a new high standard light weight tanker made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. It is available with a wide varieties. Included liquid transport vehicles are oil tanker semi trailer, chemical liquid carrier, flammable liquid carrier, food tanker semi trailer, and asphalt tanker semi trailer. On the basis of European FFB and US HEIL styles, we use the finite element analysis to re-design the liquid tanker semi trailer to meet the domestic market demand. Head and anti-wave plate adopted better anti-resistance folding dish structure. Depending on the different stress in different parts of the tank, different thickness steel is used to ensure safety and the lightest weight under the relevant standards.

The liquid tanker semi trailer is developed mainly for the delivery of crude oil, refined oil, edible oil, asphalt, chemical liquids, etc.

Raw Materials
Tank Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

1. Quality Raw Materials

The power tanker semi trailer is made of superior steel from BAOSTEEL and WISCO, or aluminum alloy co-developed with ALCOA. Those raw materials make the tankers greatly reduced in weight and significantly improved in anti-corrosion performance. Service temperature of some insulated liquid tankers can reach to 150℃. In other words, we can design tanker semi trailer for most liquids that need heat preservation, for instance, crude oil, coal tar, bitumen, and so on. (Normal aluminum liquid tank is not recommended as the insulated tank, as its service temperature is less than 50℃).

2. Light Weight
Optimized structure and the aluminum frame make the kerb mass of CIMC LINYU aluminum alloy tank less than that of tanks made by other factory. Maximized actual loading weight can bring more profit to the owner.

3. Anti-weave Structure
The finite element analysis system is make full used of to establish model of full condition stress analysis. This can improve the strength of the tank with lighter weight.

4. Automatic Welding
Tank body fastener with automatic welding machine and vertical welding seam are made full used of to improve the welding seam quality and welding strength.

5. Frame
Frame structure of the liquid tanker semi trailer could be half loading or full loading type. Full loading adopted H steel which can make the best use of the tank material, avoid out of shape and lighter the weight. At the same time, walking mechanism is assembled with the tank. This is convenient for adjustment and repair.