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Liquid Tanker Truck (15-25m3)

Configurations of CLY5257GJY liquid tanker truck are comprised of Sinotruk ZZ1257M4347C chassis and 266-hp engine with Euro III emission standard. The wheelbase is 4325+1350mm. 300-hp engine can be configured on the basis of clients' needs. In addition, driver seat can be designed in the cab right side. Such a standard liquid transport vehicle has a 21m3 tank. Optional tank volume is from 15-25m3. The tank is manufactured from carbon steel. We also provide stainless steel or aluminum alloy tank trucks.

Parameters of Liquid Tanker Truck
Overall Dimension Parameters Total length(mm) 9300 Mass Parameters Max. total mass (Kg) 25000
Total width (mm) 2500 Rated load mass (kg) 12370
Total height (mm) 3200 Kerbmass (Kg) 12500
Wheelbase (mm) 4325+1350
Performance Parameter Chassis manufacturer Sino Truck Max. gradability (%) ≥25
Chassis type ZZ1257M4347C Braking gradability(%) ≥20
Max. speed (km/h) 90 Min. ground clearance (mm) 240
Min. turning diameter (m) 24
Chassis Configuration Item Standard configuration Optional
Engine L6, turbo-charge with intercooler, electrically controlled engine; Type: WD615.92E (Euro Ⅲ); Rated power: 196Kw (266Ps) I WD615.92(196Kw.266Ps)
Cultch Single disc, dry type diaphragm spring clutch, φ430mm
Transmission HW13710, 10-shift gearbox HW15710 10-shift gearbox; 9-shift gearbox
Rear axle ST16 double rear axle, speed ratio: 3.93 4.42, 4.8
Front axle HOWO 7T, disc brake
Body frame Stamped and riveted structure, outer width: 850mm; cross section: 300´80´(8+5) mm
Suspension system Front spring have 10 disks, shock absorbers; rear spring have 12 disks.
Steering system Power steering, ZF8098 steer machine
Braking system Service brake: front axle is disc brakes , rear double axles are drum brake;
Parking brake: handle valve control spring brake chamber, act on middle and rear wheel;
Auxiliary brake: butterfly valve electric-gas control, engine emission braking system
Tyre Common tyre, amount: 10+1, type: 11.00-20 12.00-20
Electrical system Battery 12V 135A·h(two) / generator 28V 70A / starter 24V, 7.5Kw
Air conditioner None
Cab Hw76, flat head with sleeper, reversible
Tank Parameter Item Standard configuration Optional
Capacity (m3) 21.5 15~25m3
Overall dimension of tank (mm) 6880×2496×1560
Tank material Carbon steel Q235
Special Configuration Discharge Aluminum alloy DN80 Stainless steel DN80, DN100
Bottom valve None Stainless steel or aluminum alloy DN100
Manhole Amount: 2, Material: carbon steel; diameter: Φ500
Discharge rubber hose Amount: 2. Ball valve accords with drift diameter.
Oil pump 80YHCB-60 circular-arc cogwheel pump
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