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    1. CLY5160GSS Water Tanker Truck (10-15m3)Standard tank volume of the tanker truck is 10 m3. Optional tank volume ranges from 10 to 15m3. This water transport truck is a suitable for cleaning roads, green belts, trees, etc.
    1. CLY5060GJY Liquid Tanker Truck (4-6m3)Its cab of steel structure is scientifically designed to form a collision buffering clearance, thus to safeguard the operators. This liquid transport vehicle is suitable for narrow roads.
    1. CLY5160GHYE1 Liquid Tanker Truck (10-15m3)Standard tank volume is 15m3. Also, this liquid transport vehicle could be mounted with a 10 to15m3 tank. In general, carbon steel is used as the tank material. Stainless steel or aluminum alloy tanks can be supplied according to the clients' requirements.
    1. CLY5250GJY Liquid Tanker Truck (15-25m3)Aside from a 230-hp engine, DFL1250A8 chassis with wheelbase of 4350+1350mm is also mounted to CLY5250GJY liquid tanker truck. The engine is in conformity with Euro III emission standard. Other options such as engines with 230-270 horse power are offered for you to choose.
    1. CLY5252GSS Water Tanker Truck (15-25m3)Based on the using habit in different areas, driver seat of this water tanker truck can be designed in the cab right side. Standard tank volume is 15m3, and optional tank volume is from 15-25m3. This water transport vehicle can be used for the cleaning of roads, trees, green belt, etc.
    1. CLY5257GJY Liquid Tanker Truck (15-25m3)

      In addition, driver seat can be designed in the cab right side. Such a standard liquid transport vehicle has a 21m3 tank. Optional tank volume is from 15-25m3. The tank is manufactured from carbon steel. We also provide stainless steel or aluminum alloy tank trucks.

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    1. CLY5310GSS Water Tanker Truck (25-30m3)Upon request, this liquid tanker truck can be equipped with an engine with Euro II emission standard. The driver seat also can be designed in the cab right side according to the driving habit in different regions.
    1. ZJV5310GHYLY Liquid Tanker Truck (25-40m3)To meet clients' diversified needs, we can design tank trucks with volume ranging from 25 to 40 m3. The liquid transport truck is ideally suited to deliver oil products or any other chemical liquids.
    1. ZJV5312GHYLY Liquid Tanker Truck (25-40m3)Steering wheel is forward and backward or up and down adjustable. Additionally, power sunroof and foot rest are equipped to minimize the fatigue resulted from long-time driving. Standard tank volume is 30m3.

Liquid Tanker Truck

The liquid tanker truck is a high-end liquid transport vehicle with minimum weight. Its tank is produced from stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Tank varieties include oil tanker, chemical liquid carrier, flammable liquid carrier, food carrier, and asphalt tanker. All those are redesigned through the combination of European FFB and US HEIL tank styles, domestic market demand, and finite element analysis. Both head and anti-wave plate adopted better anti-resistance folding dish structure. Depending on the different stress in different parts of the tank, different thickness steel is applied to reduce the overall weight under the relevant standards and safety.

Transport Medium: crude oil, refined oil, chemical liquid, edible oil, asphalt, etc.

Tank Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

1. Complete Product Variety

The liquid tanker truck can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy to meet different demands.

2. Best Raw Materials
It applies quality WISCO steel, BAO steel, or co-developed special aluminum with ALCOA. Tanks made of those materials is minimized in weight and enhanced in corrosion resistance.

3. Lightweight
Optimized vehicle structure and aluminum alloy frame make for the smaller kerb mass and lightweight of COMC Linyu tank.

4. Patent Design
A number of national patent ensure the superior performance of liquid transport truck. Finite element analysis and flanged anti-weave plate can effectively improve the strength of the tank.

5. Automatic Welding
Tank body fastener is used with automatic welding machine to weld tanks with better welding seam quality and higher strength.

6. Best Quality and Reasonable Price
The liquid tanker truck is highly qualified and reasonably priced.