Luoyang CIMC LINYU Automobile Co., Ltd.

Address: No.1 of Guanlin Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.
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As the society progresses, both public and government have ever-increasing requirements for enterprises in the aspects including labor relations, environment protection and energy preservation, etc. CIMC LINYU is a responsible enterprise that has been committed to the energy conservation, environment protection, and the carbon emission reduction all the time.

Carbon Emission Reduction
CIMC LINYU firstly applies itself to minimize the exhaust gas emission of heavy trucks. It initiatively communicates with chassis manufacturers, so as to gradually enlarge the purchase proportion of natural gas engines. Natural gas engines if installed to the tanker trucks, will help significantly reduce the carbon emission.

In addition, we optimally design the tanks. Our tanks are made of high-strength plate rather than conventional carbon steel, ensuring the stable vehicle performance while reducing the overall dead weight of tanker trucks. Under the condition of same load, our transport vehicles have lower emissions than other similar vehicles.

Resources Conservation
We rely on our strong research & development ability as well as technological level, to continually improve the automation degree of production. Recent 2 years, we have developed the industrial robots that have been well applied in same critical production processes. In 2012, the utilization rate of raw materials reaches 90%.